Pest Prevention

The health and safety of your living environment is important to you and your family. Clear Environmental Solutions’ goal is to provide total peace of mind. We want you to rest easy knowing your home is protected from pests by the safest and most responsible products, practices and people available.

Our pest prevention program is a two part system. This consists of an initial inspection and pest elimination service to identify and clear out any current issues and an ongoing prevention program to keep problems from re-appearing. Both of these services focus on the use of naturally occurring insecticides. We wish to combat nature with nature, leaving you with the healthiest environment possible. You can learn more about the products we use on our Products page.

Initial Service

The initial inspection and elimination service is a very comprehensive service that targets both known and unknown problems. The inspection phase will tell us what and where we need to target to control current infestations. Armed with this knowledge the technician will choose the appropriate method of control. In addition, the technician will perform a standard 11 point interior service program to eliminate any unseen problem.

Exterior Treatment

The exterior of the home is where most pest battles are fought. This is, after all where the majority of pests are bred and born. Keeping pests from entering a home is an integral part of keeping any living environment healthy. To facilitate this, Clear Environmental Solutions has a 10 point service protocol that will make your home an inhospitable place for pests, utilizing a combination of baits and botanical based insecticides.

Ongoing Prevention

Killing a trail of ants with most over the counter products will only guarantee one thing – they will return with friends in a different location. With over a million described species, keeping your environment pest free will require an ongoing program. Your sales rep/technician will consult with you to determine what will be the appropriate program for you. Most prevention programs are focused on exterior treatments, making scheduling your service as easy as possible.