Pest Prevention

The health and safety of your living environment is important to you and your family. Clear Environmental Solutions’ goal is to provide total peace of mind. We want you to rest easy knowing your home is protected from pests by the safest and most responsible products, practices and people available.

Our pest prevention program is a two-part system. This consists of an initial inspection and pest elimination service to identify and clear out any current issues and an ongoing prevention program to keep problems from re-appearing. Both of these services focus on the use of naturally occurring insecticides. We wish to combat nature with nature, leaving you with the healthiest environment possible. You can learn more about the products we use on our Products page.

Termite Protection

Without regular inspections from a pest management professional, termites can go unnoticed for years while continuing to damage your home. While some companies opt to dig trenches around your home and fill them with chemicals, we prefer to control termites in a much more precise and less invasive manner – through a termite baiting system.