Product Profiles

Intice 10
InTiceTM 10 Perimeter BaitTM is a broad spectrum granular bait with 10% boric acid. InTice™ 10 is labeled for roaches, ants, crickets, earwigs, silverfish and millipedes. Unlike repellent insecticide granules, InTice™ 10 doesn’t chase pests away – they eat it and die. Ants pick up the bait and take it
back to the nest to feed the colony, solving the problem at the source. With its combination of boric acid and natural food ingredients, InTice™ 10 is an excellent green solution.

Insecticide Dust is odorless, nonstaining, non-repellent and lasts up to ten years when undisturbed. The broad label allows the product to be used to treat cracks, crevices, voids, mattresses, carpets, pet rest areas, attics and many other areas. The engineered silica-based dust has an excellent, extremely low toxicity profile and is even allowed as a food additive.

Essentria IC3
Essentria IC3 is a broad spectrum product that can be used in many sensitive locations. It is completely botanical and works solely on insects’ Octopamine receptors. Essentria IC3 is NOP (National Organic Program) compliant and is perfect for situations where efficacy cannot be compromised, while treatments must be made in a most chemically sensitive fashion. It also has no aquatic toxicity, allowing applications to be made near and over open water.

EcoPCO DX is a long-acting dust insecticide. EcoPCO DX uses natural pyrethrins and botanical ingredients to provide both immediate knockdown and long term residual protection. It works best when applied to voids in construction and under cabinets and appliances.

EcoPCO WPX is a wettable powder formulation that mixes in a pressurized sprayer. It is perfect for keeping spiders and other occasional invaders away. EcoPCO WPX relies on a combination of botanical actives as well as pyrethrum to kill insects and continues to work up to 45 days after application.

This aerosol has a long residual life, protecting your property for an extended period against a broad spectrum of insects, including ants, roaches, crickets, beetles, millipedes and centipedes, to name a few. This is an unscented, botanical formulation that utilizes natural pyrethrins as well as other botanical ingredients to protect your home.

EcoPCO JET is the fastest working, all natural wasp and hornet product on the market. With a reach of over 18’, this aerosol can get to and knock down any threatening wasp nest on your property.

NiBan FG